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In today’s digital world, online marketing is like a superhighway to success. It’s where dreams can come true – whether you’re after financial or time freedom or just personal satisfaction. But like any adventure, mastering online marketing needs a roadmap, a set of principles to turn those dreams into reality.

I recently read an incredibly helpful ebook called “7 Key Elements*”, written by the Online Marketers John Thornhill and Randy Smith. In this book, they share seven crucial factors that are like the building blocks of success in the field of online marketing. In this blog post, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned from that amazing book. I’m sure these principles will light your way and help you turn your online marketing dreams into actual achievements.


1) Make a Plan

You may find this first rule obvious. However, it’s common for newbies eager to dive into internet marketing to quickly become overwhelmed by the vastness of the internet and its wealth of information (I’ve been there myself). They might try something today, consider it ineffective after just two days of trying, invest in something else, and then find themselves attempting yet another method within a week. Avoid this approach at all costs!

Instead, at the beginning, make a clear plan for what you want to achieve and how you intend to do it. Regarding the ‘how,’ seek help from someone who has already navigated the path you’re on. I myself have only recently ventures into the world of online marketing and had the fortune of finding a fantastic mentor. I’m currently enrolled in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program*, where you learn how to create, launch, and successfully market your own digital products. It’s an amazing course, so be sure to check it out.


2) Take Action

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Have you ever bought running shoes with big fitness aspirations, only for them to collect dust in the corner? Or perhaps you’ve invested in a musical instrument, intending to learn it, yet it remains unplayed. And then there’s the foam roller, meant to do your back a favor, but serving as a mini coffee table (no joke, I know someone who actually uses their foam roller this way).

Many newcomers in online marketing dream of becoming successful online. However, for many, it remains a dream because they don’t take action. This can be attributed to several – in their eyes legitimate – reasons. Some have low self-confidence, questioning their ability to succeed before even starting. Others cite the perennial ‘lack of time’. While this might be true for some, it serves as an excuse for many others. If you can make time for YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix, you can certainly find the time to build a business. Then there are those who hesitate due to a lack of knowledge in online marketing. But do you think those online marketers who have built successful businesses were born with knowledge about online marketing? No, they also started from scratch and gradually acquired knowledge, step by step. And look at me, I only set foot into  the world of online marketing a few weeks ago. And here I am writing a blog post and starting to create my very own first digital product.

So do yourself a favor and don’t be that person that comes up with excuses for not taking action. Take action, and the rewards will follow.


3) Stay Focused

The next critical factor is to follow the plan you’ve created until you start seeing results. Don’t deviate! Avoid being distracted by emails and websites promising ‘overnight wealth’ or ‘freedom from financial worries within 5 clicks’. Once you start deviating from your plan and begin looking at a, b, c, and d, you’ll become overwhelmed and accomplish less and less. Stick to your plan!

4) Avoid Distractions

I’m sure you’ve been there, too: You plan to take a quick five-minute break, but 20 minutes later, you’re still scrolling through Facebook or watching random Youtube videos. Or imagine this scenario: You start watching a YouTube video that’s been on your to-do-list a while that explains a specific online marketing task (perfectly fine!), but then you see more videos on the same topic in the recommendations. You think, ‘They might offer different ideas, I’ll quickly watch one or two more videos’, and two hours later, you’re still there. Instead of sticking to the one video you intended to watch, you’ve gone down an YouTube rabbit hole. Here’s the point: Whenever you’re doing research for online marketing purposes, stick to your plan, and don’t get lost in content that is irrelevant in that moment.

John and Randy, the authors of the book, shared some useful advice: Grab an index card and write “Is what I’m doing NOW ultimately going to grow my business?” on it. Place this card within your line of sight, so when distractions tempt you, a glance at the card can remind you of the one thing that matters in that moment: Growing your online business.

5) Keep It Going

In a nutshell: don’t stop as soon as you start seeing results, and don’t stop when you achieve even greater results. Stopping could end you up where you started. Instead, continue creating new products, expanding and nurturing your list, and staying updated with the ongoing changes in both your business and the digital landscape.

6) Outsourcing

There are days when having more than 24 hours would come in handy. In the world of online marketing, there will come a time when you see more and more success, but as a result, you have less and less time for the growing list of tasks on your plate. That’s when you should consider outsourcing. Delegate everything you can’t or don’t enjoy doing to someone who can and does. It’s more cost-effective to have someone else handle tasks they excel at, rather than struggling for hours when you could be using that time for something you’re skilled at and that generates income.

7) Networking

Have you ever faced a problem that you couldn’t solve on your own? Have you ever needed advice? What did you do in such situations? Okay, your first response might be “Mr Google,” but that’s not what I mean. I’m sure you’ve asked your friends for help.

In the online business world, contacts are also incredibly valuable. While it is feasible to do everything on your own, many things become easier when you have people to turn to. For instance, you can exchange services, each contributing what you excel at. In addition, contacts are beneficial for JV promotions as well. You can leverage your contacts’ email lists and simultaneously expand your own. The wonderful advantage of a network is that you can recommend each other, benefiting everyone involved.

There are several ways to network online:

  • Your Email List: In your email list, there are likely many valuable contacts. Start here. Why not ask your readers for feedback? When you receive feedback, take the time to engage with your readers. Respond to their questions with more than just a brief answer and inquire a bit about them. By doing so, you can create opportunities to make friends and expand your network.
  • Your Website: Ensure you have an “About Me” page on your website. This allows people to get to know you, and who knows, they might want to collaborate with you someday, adding another contact to your network.
  • Forums: If you’re willing to help others in forums, visitors will notice. Relationships can develop through this as well.
  • Social Media: There’s not much to say here because most people are already aware of the benefits of social media for networking. Joining online marketing groups and connecting with like-minded individuals can be very helpful. By maintaining these contacts, valuable business relationships can form.
  • Offline Events: Offline events also provide an opportunity to meet various people.

I hope this has helped. Feel free to comment below and share.

To your success,

Olivia Ressler

P.S. If you also want to get started in the world of online marketing and earn an (extra) income, product creation could be of interest to you. I highly recommend checking out this training webinar* from my mentor John Thornhill. The webinar won’t cost you a penny and is packed with fantastic information.



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