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Have you ever wondered if the world of digital products has its own secret language? Terms such as ‘Personal Use Rights,’ ‘Resale Rights,’ ‘Master Resale Rights’ and ‘Private Label Rights’ might sound like pieces of an enigmatic code. But don’t worry! In this beginner’s guide, we’ll uncover these terms and trigger quite a few ‘AHA’ moments along the way. Ready to unravel the mysteries of digital product rights? Let’s get started!

1) Personal Use Rights (PUR)

Imagine you’ve just purchased an ebook. What happens when this ebook comes with Personal Use Rights? Well, it means you can read it for your own pleasure, but you can’t share, sell, or modify it. It’s meant for your eyes only. So, Personal Use Rights grant you the fewest rights and are perfect if you just want to use the product yourself, without any intention of sharing or selling it.

2) Resale Rights (RR)

Resale Rights take it a step further. When you buy a digital product with these rights, you can resell it, but only in its original form (so you can’t modify it). You cannot grant permission to others to resell it. For example, if you purchase a software program with Resale Rights, you can sell copies of the software as is, but you are not allowed to give others permission to resell it.

3) Master Resale Rights (MRR)

Similar to Resale Rights, you typically cannot modify the content of the product. However, the difference to Resale Rights is that you not only have the right to resell the product but also to grant your customers permission to resell it themselves (without making any changes). For instance, if you’ve purchased a book with Master Resale Rights, you can sell it (just like with Resale Rights) and additionally, you can allow your buyers to resell it as well, but none of you are allowed to make any changes to the book.

4) Private Label Rights With Restrictions (PLR)

Private Label Rights bring more flexibility into play. With PLR, you can generally modify, customize, redesign, and even claim autorship of the product as if it were your very own creation. It’s much like buying a house and then renovating it to your own preferences by repainting walls, changing furnishings, and adding your personal touch. You can usually even sell the product with Resale Rights and Master Resale Rights (unless otherwise specified in your private label rights), however, you cannot sell it with Private Label Rights.

5) Unrestricted Private Label Rights (UPLR)

Unrestricted Private Label Rights provide you with the highest level of flexibility and control over a product. You have the right to alter, customize, redesign, and claim autorship without any limitations. You can use the product in any way you like, including selling it (typically even with PLR rights) and giving it away for free. In other words, you can do anything you want with it.


Please be mindful that the specific terms and limitations associated with rights such as Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights and other license agreements may differ from one seller to another. Therefore, make sure you always check the terms of the license. This is especially important if you intend to resell or distribute digital products to ensure full compliance with relevant copyright regulations and licensing terms.

I hope this has cleared up some question marks. Feel free to comment below and share.

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